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2019 NYPD Bring Your Child to Work Day
2019 NYPD Bring Your Child to Work Day
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New York’s Finest Foundation, was established in 1976. For over 45 years we provide assistance and support for the New York City Police Department and other County, State and Federal law enforcement agencies operating throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Mission Statement

New York’s Finest Foundation is an organization composed of citizens representing all walks of life and all political persuasions having one thing in common: a love for New York and an abiding concern for the safety of its citizens. These business executives, professionals and retired senior law enforcement officials have joined together for the common purpose of helping our law enforcement community.
For over four decades New York’s Finest Foundation works closely with the top law enforcement officials in the New York metropolitan area and elected representatives of Police fraternal, religious and ethnic organizations that are used to support our police. These funds aid police officers and their families when such needs arise. Our Annual Statement can be viewed here.

Please see our testimonial tab. Here are but a few examples:

We provide educational scholarship’s and grants to:

*Underprivileged children through youth programs as the Law Enforcement Explorer Program, and the State Police Camp.

*Surviving widows and children of Police Officers killed in the line of duty through duly accredited affiliated organizations.

*Graduate scholarships to Police Officers selected by their agency based upon scholastic, achievement, performance of duty and financial need.

We foster and encourage cooperation to all law enforcement agencies affiliated organization, the business community and the public through the following actions and activities:

*Sponsoring annual events to give recognition to specific law enforcement agencies and individuals for outstanding performance of duty.

*Supporting testimonial events that give senior law enforcement officials to better educate members of the public on issues of concern.

We do our best to help raise the morale of police officers by letting them know that there are private citizens who care about and appreciate them for their efforts.

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